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Parking Lot Accidents

busy parking lot at strip mallParking lot accidents, though seemingly less severe than high-speed collisions on roads or highways, represent a significant portion of auto accident claims and pose unique challenges in the realm of legal representation for auto accident victims. A notable statistic underlines the frequency of these incidents: one in every five motor vehicle accidents occurs within a parking lot, accounting for 14% of all auto damage claims. This data not only highlights the frequency of such occurrences but also the potential risks involved.

At Jay Pickering Law Firm, we understand parking lot accidents and the challenges they present in auto accident victims. This page is dedicated to providing auto accident victims with a comprehensive understanding of how our firm can guide them through the aftermath of a parking lot accident. Our goal is to ensure that every client is fully aware of their rights and is equipped with the necessary legal support to secure the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve.

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    Establishing Fault in Parking Lot Accidents

    Determining fault in parking lot accidents presents unique challenges, largely because these incidents occur on private property where standard road rules are less clear, and enforcement is limited. Unlike accidents on public roads, where clear laws dictate right of way and other driving behaviors, parking lot accidents fall into a grey area, complicating liability issues.

    Key Factors in Determining Fault

         ✔️ Right of Way: Generally, vehicles moving along the main thoroughfares of parking lots are given the right of way over those pulling out from parking spaces. Fault may be assigned to drivers who fail to yield to oncoming traffic or who back out of a spot without checking for clear passage.

         ✔️ Driver Behavior: Actions such as distracted driving, speeding within the lot, or failing to adhere to posted signs (e.g., stop signs, yield signs) play a significant role in fault determination. For instance, a driver texting while navigating a parking lot and colliding with another vehicle is likely to be found at fault due to the distraction.

         ✔️ Pedestrian Safety: Drivers must always yield to pedestrians within parking lots. Accidents involving pedestrians can lead to severe injuries, and fault often falls on the driver for failing to observe surroundings or speeding.

         ✔️ Parking Lot Design and Maintenance: In some cases, the design or maintenance of the parking lot itself could contribute to an accident, such as poorly marked lanes, inadequate lighting, or the presence of potholes. In these instances, the property owner might be liable.

    Documenting the Scene

    The importance of documenting the accident scene cannot be overstated. Photographs of the vehicles’ positions, damages, and any relevant signage or road markings within the parking lot can be invaluable in establishing fault. Additionally, gathering witness statements and filing a police report, even for minor accidents, provides a formal record that can significantly impact the determination of liability.

    Insurance Considerations

    Insurance companies will consider all available evidence, including driver statements, photographs, police reports, and witness accounts, to assign fault. It’s crucial for drivers to understand their policy coverage, including collision and liability provisions, to navigate the aftermath of a parking lot accident effectively. An experienced car accident lawyer can guide you through the process and handle all negotiations with insurance companies. 

    Common Causes and Liability in Parking Lot Accidents

    Parking lot accidents, while often perceived as minor, stem from a variety of causes that can lead to significant vehicle damage and personal injury. Understanding these common causes and who may be liable can help in addressing the aftermath should one occur.

    Common Causes

    • Distracted Driving: The primary culprit in many parking lot accidents is distracted driving. This includes drivers using their phones, adjusting the radio, or engaging in other activities that take their attention away from driving. Such distractions are particularly dangerous in parking lots where pedestrians and moving vehicles share close quarters.
    • Poor Visibility: Limited visibility due to poor lighting, blind spots, or obstructed views can lead to accidents. Drivers may not see other vehicles pulling out from parking spaces or pedestrians walking behind their vehicles.
    • Speeding and Reckless Driving: Despite the typically low speed limits within parking lots, some drivers exceed these limits or drive recklessly, increasing the risk of collisions.
    • Parking Lot Design: The layout and maintenance of the parking lot itself can contribute to accidents. Poorly designed traffic flow, inadequate signage, or neglected maintenance (e.g., potholes, unmarked spaces) can lead to confusion and collisions.


    Liability in parking lot accidents can be complex due to the multitude of factors involved. Generally, the party at fault is determined based on negligence, which can apply to:

    • Drivers: Those who engage in distracted driving, speed, or otherwise fail to adhere to safe driving practices within the parking lot.
    • Property Owners: Owners may be liable if it’s determined that poor parking lot design, maintenance, or lighting contributed to the accident.

    Determining liability often requires thorough investigation, including reviewing surveillance footage, if available, eyewitness accounts, and police reports. 

    Property Owner Responsibility in Parking Lot Accidents

    Property owners have a legal obligation to ensure their parking lots are safe for both drivers and pedestrians. This responsibility encompasses a range of factors, from the physical maintenance of the space to the implementation of adequate security measures. When accidents occur due to neglect of these duties, the property owner may be held partly or fully liable for the resulting damages.

    Key Aspects of Property Owner Liability

    Property owners must regularly inspect and maintain their parking lots. This includes repairing potholes, ensuring surfaces are even to prevent slips, trips, or falls, and clearing hazards like ice or snow. Failure to address these issues can lead to accidents, for which the property owner might be found liable. Additional property owner responsibilities include: 

    • Adequate Lighting: Poorly lit parking lots increase the risk of accidents, as drivers and pedestrians cannot see obstacles, other vehicles, or each other clearly. Adequate lighting is crucial to prevent accidents, especially during nighttime
    • Clear Signage and Markings: Properly marked parking spaces, clear directional signs, and visible pedestrian crosswalks help guide traffic flow and ensure the safety of all lot users. Absence or neglect of these elements can contribute to collisions and pedestrian accidents
    • Security Measures: In some cases, the implementation of security measures, such as surveillance cameras, can deter criminal activity and provide crucial evidence in the event of an accident. A lack of security features might contribute to the property owner’s liability, especially if an accident or injury was foreseeable and preventable with appropriate security measures.

    Victims of parking lot accidents should document any conditions that may indicate negligence on the part of the property owner. This includes taking photographs of the accident scene, noting the lack of lighting, missing signage, or maintenance issues, and obtaining witness statements that support the claim of negligence.

    When accidents occur as a result of negligence in these areas, the property owner may be held liable for damages. 

    Secure the Advocacy You Need After a Parking Lot Accident

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