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At Jay Pickering Law Firm, client satisfaction is our #1 measurement of success. Here’s what our clients have to say.

I hurt my arm really bad in a car wreck one morning when I was riding to work with a co-worker. He started driving fast on a wet road. I told him to slow down but it was too late. He went into the curve in the road and we slid off the embankment flipping the vehicle. I knew I needed to hire an injury lawyer after the insurance company told me all they would ever pay was $5,000.00. Jay Pickering settled my case for $130,000.00 in less than six months.

Justin F.

I knew I needed to get some advice from a lawyer about how the whole insurance claim process worked. Something told me that I shouldn't let the insurance company direct me on all of this because ultimately it's their money I'm trying to collect, and they might not want to pay me as much as my case is really worth. I didn't understand how my own car insurance might have to pay me money because it was the other driver's fault. Jay explained things to me throughout the case and kept me up to speed on how everything was working out. Hiring Jay was a good decision. He collected $100,000.00 from the other driver's car insurance and $75,000.00 from my own car insurance.

Steve G.

I hurt my back in a car accident when a drunk driver rear-ended me. Luckily, she had car insurance. But I was worried that her insurance company would protect her and not me. I was worried that I might lose my job due to my injuries and the bills were piling up. I needed help with this. I wanted a lawyer that handled just car accident cases and one that had helped a lot of injured accident victims. I hired Jay. He always answered my questions and even met with me on the weekend. Jay handled everything and was able to get my case settled for $100,000.00.

Eddie B.

Me and my husband weren't sure how all of the insurance claim business worked and needed to find out what my rights were before saying something to the insurance company that may hurt my case. Jay met with me in the hospital and completely resolved my whole case in two months. We were very satisfied with the settlement. He made the insurance company pay $175,000.00. I'm glad we hired Jay Pickering.

Edna W.

I called Jay Pickering and he explained how the insurance claims process worked after you've been in a car wreck. He personally met with my son and our family and we hired him that night to help get things all straightened out. We trusted our son's case with Jay, and he didn't let us down. Jay settled the case and got my son a $100,000.00 settlement. He is a good injury lawyer that likes people, cares about you and will not let the insurance company take advantage of you.

Lovetta W.

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