Icy Roads Lead to Multi-Vehicle Crashes on I-65

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Icy Roads Lead to Multi-Vehicle Crashes on I-65

Severe weather conditions led to multiple crashes on Interstate 65 in Cullman County, Alabama, on Monday, January 15th, around 3 p.m. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) reported that the crashes were primarily caused by icy roadways, resulting in the closure of all lanes north of mile marker 310.

According to the Alabama State Troopers, the icy conditions prompted road blockages and the closure of Interstate 65 near the 310-mile marker. This closure was necessary to ensure public safety, although the duration of the closure was not specified at the time of the report.

Despite efforts to manage the situation, authorities continued to advise against unnecessary travel overnight into Tuesday morning due to the lingering icy conditions on most roads in Cullman County. However, it’s worth noting that Interstate 65 was eventually reopened to traffic after crews worked to clear the crashes and improve road conditions.

In summary, severe weather conditions and icy roadways led to multiple crashes on Interstate 65 in Cullman County, causing temporary road closures and a plea from authorities to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary during the icy conditions.

Sources: Trussville Tribune, WBRC

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